Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ocean View 8x10 oil

I found this reference painting from about four years ago while I was cleaning out the studio.
This was from a trip to the New Jersey shore. I had my paints with me but because of the constant strong wind I would have ended up chasing my equipment down the beach. I usually bring my video camera and a digital camera with me on these trips so I always have options in case the conditions aren't suitable for setting up an easel.

I was attracted to the glare on the water from the sun trying to get thru the clouds and the ton of highlights from the wind swept waves.  I set up the video camera and let it run but made notes of the values of the scene because I know from experience when you point a camera at something bright the meter wants to compensate and ends up making everything darker than what it really is.

So I painted this while watching the video just like if I was standing there on the shore.  I like the loose treatment I accomplished from hurrying along. I feel like too many of my paintings end up being tight if I spend too much time on them.

Its a wonderful feeling when you can spend a whole day alone wandering from spot to spot picking out the  most significant qualities of a scene and getting a  successful painting out of it.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Farm Fields

Farm Fields  8x10 oil

My brother Chris and I  had some free time to get out and paint today. We went to a local State Park that has open fields and farmhouses. Even though the conditions were not the best (overcast and windy, 43) we found some rolling fields, farm buildings and a sky full of fast moving clouds.
When you have clouds not willing to stand still for you I find it best to pick out a formation fix the image in your mind and paint away, the next time you look up they will be in a  different position anyway.

We wanted to try to capture the gently rolling fields in front of the buildings. The farm buildings added a welcome value range to the rest of the scene.