Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Still Life

Maria and I went out at 6:00 am to get our exercise in, it was 81 degrees already, we walked two miles and by the time we were done WE were done. Didn't bother fishing.

We had spaghetti and Italian bread last night so........ 91 degree heat today and Italian bread = a still life inside.
5"x5"  acrylic

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Evening Clouds over Core Creek Park

Evening Clouds Core Creek Park  11x14  oil

I painted this using last weeks plein air sketch as a reference.
When I was en route to the park last week I remember looking at the sky and seeing all the giant cumulus clouds and quickly decided what I was going to paint.

The park is only 10 minutes away so theres not a lot of travel time, which makes it convenient to be able to run there to sketch for an hour or two.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday plein air sketches

Went out this morning to Core Creek park to do some sketching.
A view looking across the lake as the sun was pushing through the thin clouds.

Went back up after dinner and found a spot affording me a view of the sky and the clouds overlooking the corn field.

I had to stop at this point because the light was changing dramatically, when I turned around this is what I saw. The winds kicked up pretty bad and the sky got dark quickly, time to leave.

4th of July Fireworks, kinda

We went out early on July 4th morning and the fireworks went off at 7:45am when maria caught this 21" largemouth. This is from a local lake we fish.