Friday, December 26, 2014

Original acrylic painting, still life, Blueberry Pie, 8x10

Blueberry Pie  8x10  acrylic

I painted this still life this afternoon while I still had enough natural light coming in the kitchen window.  I used acrylics because I wanted to finish the painting in one sitting and I knew there would be a lot of overpainting, so with the acrylics drying as fast as they do I could paint one layer over another within minutes.

I used a limited palette of cad. yellow med, crimson, ultramarine blue,  phthalo green, burnt sienna, and white.  I couldn't seem to mix an acceptable grey/silver for the pie plate using blue,sienna,white so I mixed phthalo green with crimson for a grey and added varying amounts of white to control the grey values.
I was going to paint the slice last night but it broke apart as I was taking it out, so I said I'll eat... uh I mean paint the rest of the pie tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


8x10 oil

This is a small waterfall cascading down a rocky ledge emptying into Cedar Run, a trout stream in upstate Pa.
This was one of the first streams we fished when we started going up there 25 years ago.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Landscape painting,autumn cornfield, Core Creek Park

Autumn Cornfield  8x10 oil

Another overcast sky from this fall. I did like the contrast the tan colored cornfield provided against the stormy looking sky.