Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Winter Sketching

A couple of weeks ago a stretch of cold weather had put a layer of ice on the lake.  I went out for a walk with my painting gear, and on days like this (overcast and dreary) I"ll have a little fun and challenge myself to find something interesting to paint.

What interested me was the zig zag pattern of the ice and the reflection of the land on the ice.
I did a small sketch capturing the important facts of the scene.

On days I'll be out sketching at different locations I'll take a couple of 11x14 panels and tape them off into 4 sections as seen above. The two panels fit into the slots on the back of the easel.
From the information I got from the location sketch and things I remember from that day I was able to do this 9x12 acrylic painting.
Thin Ice  9x12  acrylic