Thursday, March 31, 2011

Valley Forge Resident

Valley Forge Resident 12x12 oil

We go to Valley Forge National Park at sunrise to photograph the deer and other wildlife that lives there. They have a deer herd that has grown considerably (over 1200 deer) and now the park service is in the process of eliminating most of the deer which could take up to four years.

From November to March sharpshooters culled 600 deer during the nighttime hours, away from areas being used by public. I wonder if this guy made it.
I spend time at the park with three of my brothers. My brother Tom and I flyfish Valley Creek which runs thru the park, my brother Phil and I photograph at the park and my brother Chris and I paint at the park.

I think I'm going to go there this weekend.
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Flyfishing, Tying One On

Tying One On  6"x8" acrylic on a cradled wood panel.

A stream running thru a forest is probably the enviroment I enjoy being in the most. I love the peaceful feeling you get being in a place like this and I wanted to do a painting portraying those feelings.
I used predominatly cool colors to reinforce the quiet peaceful feeling, and placed the flyfisherman in an area away from any distractions. His relaxed stance as he ties on a fly tells of a patient angler at home in this enviroment.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ringneck Pheasant

Ringneck Pheasant  15x30  Acrylic on masonite panel  

I like the bold colors the male pheasant has. I painted this pheasant in warm afternoon light  and provided him with an escape route in case danger approaches. Years ago when there were still pheasants around in good numbers you would be walking the fields and all of a sudden be surprised by a pheasant that flushed right at your feet.

When we were young there was a pheasant that came out of the woods crossed the road walked  along the side of our house and dissapeared somewhere out back. So every day before school we would be waiting by the window watching for our friend to make his appearance. 
I'm amazed what sticks in your mind after all these years.
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Valley Creek

Valley Creek  8x10 original oil painting       

I painted this early in the morning as the sun was starting to light the landscape. Usually we are here flyfishing but on this day I was here to paint.Valley Creek holds a good population of wild brown trout which we have caught and released over the years.