Sunday, March 13, 2011

Flyfishing, Tying One On

Tying One On  6"x8" acrylic on a cradled wood panel.

A stream running thru a forest is probably the enviroment I enjoy being in the most. I love the peaceful feeling you get being in a place like this and I wanted to do a painting portraying those feelings.
I used predominatly cool colors to reinforce the quiet peaceful feeling, and placed the flyfisherman in an area away from any distractions. His relaxed stance as he ties on a fly tells of a patient angler at home in this enviroment.


Susan Roux said...

Ah yes, you certainly captured all that and more. There is peacefulness and beauty here.

Pat O'Driscoll said...

Thank you Susan.

Jani Lori said...

Yes, I want to go fishing! Just beautiful.

Pat O'Driscoll said...

Thanks Jani,
Its a perfect stress reliever.