Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Successful Rock Hunt

This was the result of an hour of rock hunting. The fun part is trying to find interesting shaped rocks that resemble something, a rabbit, fish,etc. And if it has a flat bottom and stands on its own that is a bonus.

Here is an example of flat bottoms.

When we bring the rocks home they get washed in soapy water to get rid of dirt and debris.
When they are dry I apply 2 coats of grey acrylic paint as a primer, after that they are ready to paint on.
This is when your imagination comes into play.

The smooth  rocks are good for painting an image on, you try to paint an image that goes with the design of the rock.

A good amount of time and work goes into producing a finished rock and the best part is when your customers tell you how happy they are with their new rock.
It is very satisfying when someone likes your creations enough to buy them, for that I am very grateful.