Saturday, December 27, 2008

Two plein-air paintings today

After taking care of a few things this morning I got a chance to get out and do a little painting this afternoon. Went up to Core Creek Park and scouted a few locations , didn't find anything right off so I went around to other side of the park and found a spot that had a green field in the foreground,a thin strip of trees and bushes in the middle ground , and a fog enshrouded background. I liked the contrast of colors the scene presented. All the time I was there geese kept taking off just behind the thin strip of trees. I put a suggestion of them in with a few smudges of grayed color. The good thing about overcast days is you don't have to worry about the sun moving before you finish.

After I did that painting I went over to Tyler State Park and went to the field I always visit. I spent about forty-five minutes on this painting too. Both are on 5"x7" canvas panels. I hadn't been out painting in a while, so it felt good to be out. I was lucky the fog stayed out all day, the forecast for tommorrow is heavy fog till 10:00 am. Maybe I'll go out in the morning.

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