Sunday, April 26, 2009


Grackle 5x7 oil
The Common Grackle is one of the first birds to arrive in the spring. They come in droves raining from the sky bullying the other birds at the feeders. In this painting I wanted to show their aggressive nature so I placed the bird right in your face wings flapping and that scowl on his face. This is the view the other birds get as they are chased away. I could have painted the feathers in detail and placed the bird further back in the picture plane but that would have taken away from the emotion of the scene, I want you to feel what it is like when they drop in for a visit.
The one thing I do like about them are their irredesent feathers when they are in sunlight. I'd like to try to capture that one redeeming quality about them. Well, I got to go now, I have to stock up on bird seed! Hope everyone enjoyed this weekend ,what nice weather.


Kym said...

Ahhh...the grackles...the loud, obnoxious things that my dog loves to bark at, and they screech at him in return! I like the emotion of the image...have a great evening!

HK Bakery Daughter said...

I think a Eagle are so beauiful. I saw my first Eagle at Emmaus. I thought it was awasome. I live in ST CHARLES..