Monday, September 7, 2009

Falling Spring Branch

Falling Spring Branch 6"x8" oil $80.35

I took a trip out to southcentral Pa. on Saturday to get material for some paintings. On the way up I stopped off at Valley Forge Park right before sunrise to get some pictures of the landscape and wildlife. The full moon was still up and with the mist laying across the fields it made for some interesting scenes. After about 45 minutes of looking around I was back on the road. I had wanted to do a painting of Falling Spring, so after searching around a bit I settled on this spot. I got the painting 90 percent done on location and finished the rest at home. I looked at some other streams in the area before I left. On the way home I stopped off at Valley Forge right before sunset.

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Rusty Jones said...

Hey Pat, saw you joined my blog. Thanks. Of course that sent me looking for your blog and I'm glad I did. Great stuff. Somehow flyfishing and plein air painting just seem to go together. Keep up the good painting and stay in touch.