Sunday, December 27, 2009

Turkey Dinner Demo

In the top photo you can see how I block in all the shapes of the painting trying to get the color and values (lights and darks) close to what they will be in the final step. You can still see the pencil sketch of the roaster. I put a hint of a reflection from the roaster on the table.
Middle Photo
At this stage of the painting I start defining the forms of the turkey and the roaster. The legs and wings start taking shape and I work on the roaster with a variety of greys trying to give it a shiny look. I put in the reflected light from the turkey on the inside of the pan, reenforcing the shiny look of alumnium.
Bottom Photo
Now its a matter of readjusting the colors of the turkey with different yellows, oranges and browns to fine tune the shapes and give the skin that roasted look. I add the highlights to give it a moist look. I make some adjustments to the pan and the painting is finished.
I hope you enjoyed this demo, it gives you an idea of how a painting is constructed.


Gerald Schwartz said...

Pat this is really good... You captured not just the look but i could smell the Turkey... Good job!

Pat O'Driscoll said...

Thanks Gerald, good hearing from you. Drumstick?