Sunday, April 25, 2010


Sparkle (study) 5"x7" oil on RayMar canvas panel.      (SOLD)
I did this small painting to work out an idea for a larger painting. This stream is one we fish in Northcentral Pa. We take turns working the good stretches of the stream, while my brother was working an area I happened to turn around and this is the view I saw. The glare on the water had caught my attention and I wanted that to be the focus of the painting. I have a feeling the trees in sunlight are competing with the glare on the water for attention. In the larger (11x14) painting I will try subduing the brightness of the trees a little so the water will be the brightest area of the painting and drawing your eye to the area I wanted you to look at in the first place.

Three weeks ago we were on a stream in the Poconos and I bent over to take a water temperature reading and my camera slipped out of my vest and into the water rendering it totally useless. I had borrowed my brothers camera to shoot this and other pictures of paintings that I have been working on.