Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday Morning Plein-air

Went to Core Creek Park Saturday at sunrise hoping to see this big whitetail buck I saw there two weeks ago. Been trying to get a picture of him but have  not been successful. On my ride thru the area I spotted these trees lit up by the sun  and decided to take advantage of the situation. I like the way the bright colors stood out against the coolness of the frost on the grass. This is a 5x7, a perfect size for capturing the fast moving light at sunrise.


 The next painting I did is a 8x10. What interested me in this scene was the frost still laying in the shadows not touched by the sun yet. I finished up about 9:30 and  headed out.
I am going to do a larger painting of the 5x7. I like the way it portrays the winding down of the autumn season.

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