Saturday, February 5, 2011

Autumn Lineup

 Autumn Lineup  11x14 original oil painting  $224.50 

I usually spend the late fall looking for the last spots of color that are left in a now drab landscape. Its like a treasure hunt, each day that passes gets harder and harder to find some brillant color. And when you finally do it like finding a treasure.
 I found this set of trees at sunrise on Nov 20th  and painted this 5x7 study on location. The sun moves so quickly at this time of morning so  I hurried to catch the shaft of light that lit up the trees.

This is the photo reference I took sitting in my truck BEFORE I started painting.
Sometimes I forget to do this step when I'm in a rush to catch the light.
You can see I edited out some things, the bare tree in the foreground and the blacktop.
I only included the things that re-enforced my initial feelings about the scene, the reason it made me stop.
Everything else is unimportant.

It was a great morning treasure hunting.

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