Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow Day

I painted this a couple weeks ago from pictures I took during a walk in Neshaminy St. Park last year. Seeing that it snowed last night I thought it would be appropriate to post this painting today.

This shows how important it is to have reference material that you can fall back on. That day at Neshaminy Park I didn't take my painting equipment because I wanted to gather as many pictures as I could while the snow was still there. And on a picture taking day that usually means a lot of walking. I will visit two or three parks in a day, each one offering something different.

When painting on location time is spent finding the right spot with the right lighting and then usually an hour to a hour and a half to paint the scene.

Last week I was in the mood to paint outdoors and didn't care about taking pictures. I did one painting in the morning at the lake, did another of a field and trees but that one didn't turn out too good so I wiped it.    
And then went to Washington Crossing and painted at the graves of the unknown soldiers.

So your frame of mind and the mood you are in help determine how successful your day will be.

Looking out the window today and seeing all the branches of the trees covered in snow gave me an idea for a painting with the layers of branches going back in the distance and a cardinal in the foreground to brighten up a winter day.
This is the painting half finished, I still have to put in the snow covered foreground branches  and give the cardinal a little more detail.

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