Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sketching at Tyler State Park

Here are some sketches done on a early May Sunday morning at Tyler State Park. The weather for that Sunday was supposed to be sunny in the morning but when I was loading the car the skies were solid grey overcast.
My plan was to paint the fields and groups of trees with sunlight illuminating the upright trees trying to catch the early morning light.

When I walked into the one field with a horse path I saw a field of yellow and decided to sketch this bit of color on a drab morning. I am currently working on a 12x16 painting of this scene using this sketch as reference.

After I finished this I wanted to take a look at a farmhouse a couple of fields over. On the way I stopped to watch  a baby Grey Catbird catching insects on the path. It was amusing watching him fly a little, look and grab a morsel.

When I got to the farmhouse the skies were starting to brighten up a little so I set up to paint.


Both sketches are 5x7

On my way back who do I run into but the Catbird sleeping right in the middle of the path.

I gently picked him up and put him under some bushes out of harms way because the path is used by bike riders, joggers, and people walking who might not see him.

It turned out to be a good morning after all.


Jane said...

Are these two just sketches ? They look pretty good to me already, that warm and sunny field is really beautiful ! Looks like a very peaceful place if birds fall asleep even in the middle of the road :-)))

mary maxam said...

What a day! Lovely purple gray sky with the patch of light in the field. I have seen that effect and it always catches the eye! Nice!

PoetessWug said...

Yes, it was a good morning!! :-)