Sunday, June 23, 2013

Super moon sketches 2013

I went to the park at dusk to get ready for the appearance of the super moon. While I was looking for a spot to set up I noticed the low cloud cover and no moon which should have been up already.

While I waited for the moon to get above the cloud cover I made my way over to a part of the park that gives me a view of the sky which still had some color left from sunset.

I did a quick sketch on a 2.5"x3.5" Aceo.   Art Card Editions Originals.

I wondered if the moon was going to show at all because you could barely see the glow behind the bank of clouds.
I went to the main parking lot overlooking the lake hoping to capture the moons reflection, the moon finally cleared the clouds and made its appearance. You can see a few insects that got stuck in the paint in the lower left corner on the painting.

                                     5x7 oil

I went home and did one more sketch in the back yard but had to wait till the moon cleared the tall trees in the yard.  Finished up at 11:30.

                  8x10 oil

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mary maxam said...

Oh I love all your 'super moons' Pat! Great way to practice variety in subject matter- very nice!