Friday, September 20, 2013

Night Painting the Harvest Moon, Core Creek Park

I went out to the park right before sunset to wait for the harvest moon to rise. I used two  8x10  reused (gessoed over) panels.

In the first sketch I still had a little bit of light left in the landscape where you could just make out colors. My concern though was capturing the values of the scene the best I could.


For the second sketch I went around to a different part of the park that would give me a view of  some water and the moons reflection.

As you can see in the picture I had my Mighty Bright light clamped on to my easel giving me enough light to see with.

Now I have some reference material to use for studio paintings that I have confidence in. I had taken photos too but they were useless, they just don't capture what the eyes really see.


Jane said...

I love how you go out there and paint in the dark, surely the best way to capture what you want ....and you did ! Both great !

Kev's Art said...

You really got the values in these, especially the one on the left. Very atmospheric work. Good job!!

mary maxam said...

I love seeing this set up Pat. It obviously works beautifully! I love the glow you've painted here-Congrats!

greggart said...

Man that looks like a great, great time. That top photo could be on the cover of Fly Fisher Magazine.