Monday, October 27, 2014

Our trip from upstate Pa

We had a good week even with the overcast weather all week except for Friday. We lucked out and had no rain except for Monday night. We caught fish at every stream we fished so that was good.

We visited our old campsite when we arrived.

There was still some fall color left along the streams.

The colors of the trout matched the colors of the landscape.

I did some painting in the mornings before we headed out to the streams.
This is a sketch from a small section of a Kousa dogwood tree with its spiked red fruits.

A quick sketch of the maple tree out back.

The one night there was a lull in the action spotting wildlife so I grabbed a knife block and set up a still life.

This painting I worked on over a couple of nights, it was from a painting trip with my brother Chris at a local park.

I couldn't forget about our nightly visitors.


Jane said...

A lot of great paintings here , and such a fantastic and colorful nature , wow, what a fabulous place to go fishing !

Pat O'Driscoll said...

Thanks Jane.

ashok said...

fantastic works Pat

mary maxam said...

I agree with Jane, you have a lot of nice set ups and color in these works and the photos are great!....that fish is amazing in color and the skunk....hope u kept your distance!