Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sunrise Sketch

I was up right before dawn this morning looked out the kitchen window and saw the beginnings of a quick sunrise. I knew it was supposed to be overcast all day so I had no plans on going out in the 26 degree temps.
But even on overcast days you get a very brief period of time right before sunrise when there is color in the sky. I did a quick sketch on an Aceo card using my cigar box easel.  Within minutes everything was grey in the sky.  Now I can make the coffee.

A little later I did an 8x10 as a practice piece to see if I want to develop it into a bigger painting.


Jane said...

Wow really worth rising early even on a grey day, striking colors !

mary maxam said...

Nice catch on the timing and super color of this sunrise. I should be this dedicated to the early day!