Sunday, March 1, 2015

Experimenting with different reference materials, winter landscape,11x14

Winter landscape  11x14  oil on wood panel

I did this plein air sketch (below) about 7 years ago late in the afternoon on the way home from work. It is very basic but captured the warm lighting that afternoon. A small patch of snow was left hidden behind a sloping bank and I wanted to capture the sun light on the snow and the shadows.
I always liked this sketch and wanted to use it or parts of it in a painting.

Seeing the snow we had recently inspired me want to try a snow scene, so I looked thru my sketchbook for ideas and came across a sketch I did last year at a local park, it was a footbridge crossing over a small brook.

I want to try combining the lighting from the plein air sketch and the composition from the pencil sketch to see what I could arrive at.



Wonderful winter landscape painting !!!
Have a nice and creative month !!!

Jim Serrett said...

Nice light. Stay warm.

Jane said...

It's a gorgeous winterscape, such a pretty landscape and beautiful light.

mary maxam said...

These worked out really well. I keep meaning to just paint more from my pencil sketches and this is good inspiration.