Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rock Painting, a new artistic challenge

Recently I started experimenting with painting on rocks. I find this type of painting very addictive.
The challenge is finding rocks with an interesting shape and pulling an image out of it.

These two rocks I collected today while we were fishing at the lake, I saw a bird shape in the rock in the back and a flounder in the one in front.

After I clean and dry the rocks I apply a couple layers of acrylic paint mixed with medium to give the rocks a good base coat.
Here is a blowfish I'm working on now. In the back you can see the rocks with the grey base coat on.

This is what I've done so far, I'm still getting a feel for all the possibilities you can do with rocks.
These I will start listing in my Etsy shop.
The last few weeks I rearranged my selling venues.

I have a new website for my original paintings

My Etsy shop will have aceo's, and small 5x7 original paintings along with the painted rocks.


mary maxam said...

These are so fun and have a sense of whimsy and sculpture as well as painting. I look forward to checking out your new venues.

Jane said...

This must be fun Pat, they look nice and shiny , and finding the right stone must be really fun too. I didn't get if you paint totally with acrylics or only as a base ?


Very beautiful art work !!!
Have a happy weekend and creative month !!!