Thursday, December 31, 2015

Early Morning on the Lake, Pocono Mountains

Early Morning  11x14 oil on canvas

This painting sat around half finished for over a year, it went through changes with value and color but I was never able to bring it to completion.  Recently I have been working with a limited palette of colors.
I used to rely on Phthalo green  (yellow and blue shade) and I would temper them with different reds but my greens still looked a little too garish. Now I am using ultramarine blue and cerulean blue with my two yellows cad yellow light and cad yellow medium.

This little 5x7 study has been on my wall as a reminder to try a larger version the painting. This is a favorite  lake we fish throughout the year, its a shame its three hours away in the Pocono Mountains.

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Very beautiful landscape painting with so nice colours !!!
Happy and creative new year 2016 !!!