Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Working with Acrylics Outside

Bird Feeder 8x10 acrylic

I painted this at the end of the day about a half hour before sunset. I took advantage of the acrylics fast drying time.  I worked from background to foreground blocking in shapes, so by the time I finished blocking in the bird feeder the background was already dry and I was able to adjust the values and modeling of each shape without worrying about lifting the first layer of  paint.
Then I'll compare shapes sitting next to each other and keep adjusting back and forth until it reads the way you want it too.

I had installed a piece of glass in the bottom of the paint box for oil paints, but it  also works great for acrylics too. I keep a small spray bottle with water and mist the acrylics as they start to dry. And when the leftover mixed paint dries I use a scraper that lifts the paint in a matter of seconds, and you have a clean mixing area again.
A jar of water hangs on the outside of the box keeping it free of the mixing area.

I try to keep the setup as simple as possible so there is less to carry, and if you make it easy on yourself you will more inclined to go out and paint.


mary maxam said...

The way that red orange pops off the background of green is really effective! Nice shape too.
thanks for the acrylic tips. I use them on and off but never for plein air work. Looks like you've found a good quick method with them.


Very wonderful landscape painting !!!