Sunday, March 15, 2009

Slippery When Wet

Slippery When Wet 6"x8" oil 
What a familar scene to any flyfisherman, a trout doing its best not to be caught. One of my favorite environments is a stream running thru a forested area. I like the filtered light you get in this kind of setting, how the sunlight sneaks thru openings in the trees spotlighting the fisherman.
It took alot of years of practice and many failed paintings before I could paint water convincingly. I did everything I could to learn the secrets of water, I took photos, used my camcorder, but the water in my paintings still looked static. Many times I put the rod down and just sat on the bank watching and wondering what makes water look the way it does. How do you paint water thats clear and you can see right to the bottom? Then I started noticing the rocks on the bottom didnt have clearly defined edges they had edges that were soft and slightly out of focus. The color of the water changed as it got deeper and I started noticing what the stream bottom looked like when it was in sunlight and when it was in shade. The soft edges gave me the illusion of the waters motion. Little by little I started understanding WHAT to look for. I started SEEING like an artist.
Wow, its 12:15 am. I got to get some sleep, 4:45 comes quick. I wonder if the moon is out tonite?

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