Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fishing the Delaware River

Saturday evening my two brothers and I went up to the Delaware River to do a little fishing. We were wet wading so I didnt bother bringing my camera (in case I fell in and ruined it). I had walked upriver a little and as the sun was going down behind me a shaft of light lit up the area my brothers were fishing in . Not having my camera I had to memorize the scene , I took note of what objects were the lightest, medium, darkest values. I went thru the same mental excersize I go thru when I'm painting. When I got home I did this 5"x7" sketch of what I remembered,which is only the important parts that make up the scene.
In the upcoming posts I'm going to show the progression of the painting as I go thru the steps from sketching the composition to the finished painting.

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