Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tobyhanna Creek

Tobyhanna Creek 8x10 acrylic $118.50
We fished this stream off and on for the last thirty years or so. Actually this is one of the first streams we visited when we started flyfishing. Back in the 80's we saw a guy fighting a monsterous brown trout on saltwater gear,(in the bait section) he was trying to horse him in and he ended up breaking him off. I wanted so bad to tell him to ease up on him but just watched as we heard the loud snap of his line, he reeled in the rest of his line and silently walked off. We looked for that trout each time we went there but never saw him again. Kistler Run empties into the Tobyhanna down stream around the bend, you can usually count on the brook trout to provide a little action before heading back to the car. Alot of good memories there.

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