Sunday, April 15, 2012

Moonlit Nocturne

This was painted from sketches done from one of our trips upstate. What interested me was the cloud formations passing in front of the moon. The original scene was a wet gravel road leading into the park. The damp road had a barely visible reflection of the moon on it. I switched a small stream (which I have an addiction to)  for the road so the reflection would read better.

We have no cell phone service up there but there is a pay phone at the entrance to the park so we arrange with our wives to call at a certain time at night so we can talk about each others day and make sure everything is ok at home.  While I was waiting for my turn at the phone it gave me time to look around and sketch this scene.

My brother and I have been going up there for the last twenty four years and never tire of this place. And as an artist there is always something new to catch my interest because nothing is ever the same. A brief rain shower before we came down to the phone provided a scene that stimulated my senses.


greggart said...

Hey Pat, I like it! Another nice nocturne.

Jane said...

What a gorgeous night scene , beautiful mood, must be a wonderful place !

Pat O'Driscoll said...

Thanks Gregg, I appreciate it.

Thanks Jane, and it is a special place.