Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fishing at Sunrise, Promised Land Lake 11 x14 oil on canvas

We were first introduced to this lake and State Park back in 1970 when my dad and uncle took us camping for the first time. What an adventure that was just being outdoors for the whole weekend, fishing out on the lake and sitting around the campfire at night.

Its a beautiful State Park loaded with wildlife, trails for hiking, and a great lake for fishing and canoeing.
Even though its three hours away the great feeling you get being there keeps us coming back as many times as we can each year.


Jani Lori said...

Very Nice! Love the atmosphere and the colors are beautiful...Well done!

Pat O'Driscoll said...

Thanks Jani.

Jane said...

You caught the serene atmosphere of the place very well , the lust green and the calmness of the lake is like a balm for the soul. I can very well understand you keep coming back!