Saturday, June 23, 2012

Feeding Deer on the Hill

This is a small (tiny) oil painting 3"x8" done on 300lb. watercolor paper primed with acrylic paint.  We see these deer on our evening walk at a nearby park that is used for exercise. I had taken a picture with my camera phone as we passed by them, and when we got home I did this small painting while the image was still fresh in my mind using the picture to help me capture shapes of the scene. I added a little extra color and lighting to make the scene more interesting.

During our walks we are passing by different scenes so I do mental exercises taking note of colors, values, what objects look like when they are in shadows. When an object stands out I look behind it to see how the background has influenced it. Its a constant learning process that doesn't stop.
This painting stuff is really addictive!

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