Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Afternoon Plein air

I stopped off at Core Creek Park on the way home from work today, I had my cigar box setup with me and painted this sitting on the back of the truck. This is painted on a 5x7 canvas panel.
With the constant winds we had today the clouds were zipping by and the sun kept playing hide and seek so I would have to wait for the sun to reappear to paint things that were in sunlight. I liked how the row of  bushes in the foreground were top lit separating them from the stand of  trees farther back in the distance. The clouds were changing by the minute so I fixed a group in my mind and painted away.

Green is such a challenging color to paint but it forces you to look harder for things like  color intensity, values, and tests your color mixing on the spot. At least I have a whole summer to practice.


Jani Lori said...

Veeerrry nice greens!

Jane said...

Lovely green and luscious scene, so soothing to the eye :-)

ashok said...

well done Pat