Sunday, July 1, 2012

Morning Session at Core Creek Park

My brother Chris and I went out to a local park to do some painting before the heat set in. We started at a favorite spot of mine, it has a view of the lake and surrounding treeline. As we drove along the park road I noticed the subtle colors in the sky and clouds and decided to try to capture that.

We used 5x7 panels because the light was changing quickly and I knew we were going to lose what was in front of us soon. Squinting at a bright sky made the landscape look so dark, I didn't realize how dark I painted it until i got it home. I had neutralized the green to dark values. The water was a slightly lighter value than the trees. I was a little too heavy with the yellow around the sun.

We decided to try one more painting and found a spot that offered some cross lighting and shadows to practice with. I was happier how this one turned out and it helped not having to fight a fast moving sun.

I forgot to get a picture of Chris's painting of this spot, sorry Chris.

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