Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lake Reflections

Evening at the Lake  8x10  acrylic

This painting is from Saturday evening at the lake.  It was painted from photos I shot as the sun was going down.
I have been enjoying painting these summer skies this year.

Some evenings Maria and I will go to the park after dinner and sit and enjoy watching the activity at the lake as the sun sets. When the sun is gone we get in the car and search for the deer within the park.
We got lucky Saturday night and saw some giant bucks.

We were getting ready to leave the park when these bucks crossed in front of us. I made a u turn and staked out a spot I thought they would be headed.

Sorry about the quality of the videos, it was a lot darker than what the video shows. The video actually lightened the scene. But you can get an idea of the size of the racks on these deer.


mary maxam said...

I really like the pink clouds again Pat- and the suggestion of activity on the distant water is just right.

ashok said...