Sunday, September 23, 2012

Early Morning at the Lake

Went to the park early Saturday morning, on the drive in I saw this beautiful sunrise but because I got a late start I was witnessing it on the drive in instead of being already set up on location. I took a few pictures and rode around to where I was going to paint.
More clouds had moved in as I set up and the sun was playing hide and seek. So I figured I would just make the best of it. A couple of fishermen took up position on the point of land so I got some pictures of them for reference for later. They ended up moving out of sight 20 minutes later anyway.

I painted this final version combining the sky I saw coming in with the location sketch. I'm thinking of putting some figures in after the paint dries a little, there is a lot of glare from the wet paint.


greggart said...

Nice use of the photo and the sketch. I really like the completed painting.

mary maxam said...

Super nice Pat. I like the varied shapes of the clouds and you caught the wonderful golden glow I love!

Jane said...

Two gorgeous paintings full of atmosphere. I agree with you that putting in a few person would add even more interest to the scene.