Monday, September 17, 2012

Etsy Treasury

One of my Aceo's (Art Cards) was featured in a treasury on  Etsy.

The curator of the treasury has two wonderful shops worth visiting.

I was out yesterday enjoying the weather and did a 5x7  plein air painting of a group of people having a picnic
 I must have been painting slow because this spider had time to build a web on the lid of my paintbox. I saw him crawling on my palette earlier but didn't pay much attention to him.
If you click on the picture you get an enlarged view. His shadow looks more menacing than him.

I'm in the process of painting in the fish on the aquarium picture from the last post.

1 comment:

mary maxam said...

lol! I love the post with the spider, I know I paint that slow sometimes :) Also, the familiarity of the scene and your light and shadow execution is really nice here Pat.