Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bucks County landscape painting, Cornfields along Rt. 413,

11x14 oil

I was on my way to a local park to paint when I saw this cornfield up ahead, the top of the corn stood out like a neon sign.  With the camera ready on the front seat I was able to get one shot off as I passed by. I make sure the exposure is already set for the light conditions so I can just point and shoot, it doesn't matter if the picture is blurry, I'm only interested in capturing the light.

I find painting the complexities of cornfields is not so hard if you simplify the shapes and values, it helps give the appearance of tightly packed rows of corn.



I am very happy for dicovering your interesting art blog with your so beautiful paintings !!!
Best wishes for your work and see you again !!!

Jane said...

That's a really great landscape painting and you caught the light so beautifully !

mary maxam said...

Wow, both these are amazing for just putting me right into the scene!The careful technique and color harmony work perfectly- bravo!

AK said...

You have captured light beautifully, not only on the cornfield but in the entire frame. Every thing blends so well. Great.

Kev's Art said...

Great harmony and lovely light on the corn. Nice job!!