Monday, September 1, 2014

Plein air practice

My brother Chris and I got out for a couple hours early Saturday morning for a little plein air painting practice. We only had a 2-3 hour time frame before we had to be home to take care of the days commitments.
A ten minute drive put us at Core Creek park right before sunrise. On the drive over  I saw mist hanging over an open field and mentioned that the lake will have a good blanket of fog over it.
I had started my painting before the sun cleared the tree line and stayed with that lighting even though the sun was blasting us in the eyes when I finished.

I didn't or I should say I couldn't take any on location pictures because I broke my rule of making sure I have charged batteries for my camera before I go out. When I went to use the camera it was flashing low batteries. Chris had his camera so he was the photographer for the day.

This is my sketch of the scene, 8x10 oil

Chris captured the scene with the sun up over the tree line and got a different effect.
I liked the shadows under the background trees and the fog lit up by the sun.

5x7 oil

We went to another part of the park to scout another spot and as we were setting up I noticed the sun starting to fade so I quickly put down a quick sketch of a patch of light and some trees.
When we looked up thru the trees it had completely clouded over.

I did get one picture of Chris with his sketch on the easel before my camera quit.

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mary maxam said...

I think it's so cool that you paint with your brother! I like both effects here and the tree trunks with the sun light are a favorite for sure.