Sunday, October 12, 2008

Autumn the Season of Change

I think October is my favorite month. Not only for the explosion of color from the trees, but the fishing is in high gear in the trout streams this time of year. The trout 's mating colors start matching the color of the leaves. My brother Tom and I have been taking a trip up to northcentral Pa. every October since the early 80's. We fish streams like Slate Run, Young Womans Creek, Cedar Run, Spring Creek, Kettle Creek and the list goes on. All those years except for the last three we camped in a tent, cooked our meals over a fire, sat and talked around the campfire all night. Alot of those years it rained at least two or three days out of the week. Now we rent a modern cabin, eat indoors ,sleep on beds, stay dry. We are older now.

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